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Todd currently teaches general music and chorus at South Lawrence East Elementary, an urban school with over 600 students in first through fourth grade. His unique curriculum and teaching approach is heavily influenced by Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory and includes elements of "Jump Right In" (Gordon et al.), "First Steps in Music" and "Conversational Solfege" (Feierabend), as well as adaptations of the Orff Schulwerk and Dalcroze approaches.

Read about Todd's first-year urban teaching experience in a recent article he wrote for Massachusetts Music News.

Instrumental lessons with Todd are engaging and comprehensive. He teaches individual and group lessons on trumpet and beginning piano. For both trumpet and piano lessons, Todd incorporates technology such as NoteFlight and Skype video conferencing. Online lessons are also available using Skype or FaceTime.

Trumpet pedagogy methods and influences include the Arban method, Max Schlossburg, "Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series" (Gordon et. al.), Bill Adams, and Gary Radke (of GR Mouthpieces).

Todd's beginning piano instruction is a personalized ear-before-eye approach including materials from Music Moves for Piano (Marilyn Lowe), "Magic Keys" (Curcio), Piano Adventures (Faber and Faber), and "Jump Right In: The Instrumental Series" (Gordon et al).

Feel free to contact Todd for inquiries about lessons, teaching or research. Current research interests include assessment in elementary general music and the philosophical implications of Gordon's Music Learning Theory.